Pastor Charles McKinzie

Pastor Charles and his son Charlie

Obligatory Bio

So I guess I'm supposed to introduce myself here and tell you a bit about me.  Here's the "highlights". 

If you'd like to know more, give me a shout and lets grab a coffee.

  • Wife Carrie is love of my life. Married for 16 years
  • Three amazing kiddos - Cambria (12) Catriona (10) and Charlie (8)
  • Love Jesus because he loves me
  • Passion for my Mini Cooper S (her name is Gidget)
  • Passion for family history 
  • Play bagpipes with Flint Hills Highlanders of Wichita
  • Prefer my puns intended
  • Nerdy - Fandoms are LOTR, Dr. Who, Firefly, Outlander, Harry Potter
  • Love Renn Faires and Cosplay
  • Went to school to be an Opera Singer
  • First heard a call to ministry at age 7, but spent 30 years running from it. 
  • Nerd out on Church history and theology  
  • Known to sign off emails/blogs with AMDG or the Latin - Ad maiorem Dei gloriam,  which in English is "to the greater glory of God" 

Pastor Charles Preaching on a Sunday

Paraments, Vestments and Sacraments... Oh My!

I wear an Alb (robe) most Sunday's to preach. It reminds me that I am wrapping myself in God's words to bring to the congregation. Don't let my formality scare you though. I'm equally as likely to make a Marvel Comic reference in my sermon as I am to talk about the history of "high church." Special Sundays you may even catch me in my Kilt with pipes in hand. :)

Pastor Charles living his baptismal promise on election day

Living faith

I don't claim to have all the answers. I do know that if you are searching and would like to walk along side someone - I'm happy to walk that path with you. I hope you'll reach out and connect with me and we can do this journey of faith and exploration together.