Pastor Charles and his three kids on "move in day"

Pastor Charles McKinzie

Hey y'all! 

Thanks for coming to check out our page! I'm a broken/flawed guy doing my best to live like Jesus. I don't have all the answers, but if you're looking for someone to chat with about your faith or would like to know more about this amazing family at Grandview, I'd love to hear from you. Click the photo for more about me. 


Meryl King - Office Administrator

Meryl King - Office Administrator

Meryl serves Grandview faithfully by keeping the office running. If you phone the office it's likely you'll get her friendly voice on the other end of the line!

office number 620.221.1157

Nancy C

Director of Custodial Services - Nancy Carselowey

If you think Grandview is beautifully maintained, so do we! 

 Nancy works diligently tokeep Grandview looking grand!

Our Volunteers

An impromptu group playing some music at our annual fall festival

Administrative Council Chairperson

Bruce Carselowey serves as chair of the Administrative Council, which is the governing body of Grandview. 

Church Treasurer

 Our treasurer, Meryl King, also serves as Lay Representative to the Cowley Network 

Financial Secretary

Sue Watters

Lay Leader and Delegate to Annual Conference

Carroll Shivers

Disaster Response Coordinator

Justin Bahner

Sunflower Parish Representatives

Melinda King and Meryl King

Fall Festival Hayrack Ride!

Finance Team Chairperson

Mary Hittle

Nominating Team Chairperson

Pastor Charles L. McKinzie II

Staff/Pastor/Parish Relations Committee Chairperson

Rose Marie Watt

Trustee Chairperson

Joe Knab

Domestic Missions Chairperson

Karol Kenzy

Education Team Chairperson

Ruth McCauley

Gathering on the East pasture

Acts 1:8 Chairperson (Marketing and Evangelism)

Carla Barnard

History and Recorder Chairperson

Rose Marie Watt

International Missions Chairperson

Carla Barnard

Kitchen Team Chairperson

Joe Knab

Worship Team Chairperson

Mary Hittle